Over Five Thousand Boxes of Cigarettes seized in Bosnia

Members of the Bijeljina Border Police Unit prevented the illegal traffic of 5,510 boxes of various types of cigarettes without excise stamps.

Cigarettes were discovered during the border control ofOpelf vehicle of BH national plates, in the border zone on the road Zvornik – Bijeljina. The vehicle was driven by S.D. (1974), a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and the Preliminary Procedure Judge of the Court of BiH were informed about the event, according to whose orders the vehicle in which the cigarettes were found was searched.

The market value of the seized cigarettes is estimated at close to 28,000 BAM.

Due to the existence of grounds for suspicion that the criminal offense of “illicit trade in excise products” was committed, a report will be submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH against the suspect. The detected cigarettes were temporarily confiscated.

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