Parents and Children from Vrbanjci and Kamenica in Front of OHR

kamenica_vrbanjciParents and Children of Bosniak nationality from Vrbanjci and Kamenica joined today parents and children from Konjević Polje, who for three weeks have been living in tents in front of the Office of the High Representative in Sarajevo (OHR).

‘’Around 100 parents and children came, while the rest are in front of the school in Vrbanjci, because we could not provide transportation for all parents’’, said one of the parents from Vrbanjci Nedžad Smajlović.

He said that today parents have a scheduled meeting with representative of OHR and the OSCE, and if a solution is not found regarding the introduction of a national group of subjects, they will remain in the tents.

One of the mothers from Vrbanjac Devla Alagić said that they have nothing against teachers of Serb nationality, and that they are only requesting their rights. She hopes that a solution to their problem will be found. Otherwise, children would lose an entire school year.

(Source: Fena: Photo: Facebook)

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