Participants of the play ‘Sarajevska kosa’ gathered once again

A celebration of gathering of the original cast of musicians, actors and all those who participated in the creation of the play ‘Sarajevska kosa’ was held in the atelier ‘Figure’.

The play is musical which was created during the war-time and it presents a sort of a rebellion against the war and everything negative. The play had its premiere in Chamber Theatre 55 in October 1992, and it played once again in 1993, and 20 years later, the original cast of the play has gathered in the city where the play was created.

All those present had the opportunity to see the video projection of the play and the host of the evening was cinematographer Slaviša Mašić.

The entire multi-media event was held as a part of festival Sarajevo Winter 2013 and afterwards there was an exhibition of dolls of Lada Pervan.

Director of the play, Slavko Pervan, said that the play was a very memorable experience, because in his 60 years long career he never worked in such condition.

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