Partner MCF 80 Solar Systems throughout B&H funded through Partner MCF

exhibitionUSAID’s project “Solar Energy as a Future Sustainable Development,” which is implemented by the Partner MCF, held a promotion in Tuzla on the benefits of using solar energy in B&H. This is the second promotion which aims to emphasize the value of domestic production of solar collectors. Yesterday in front of Konzum shopping center in Tuzla, passersby had the opportunity to see the exposed solar systems for sanitary water and additional heating of space in combination with pellet boilers. Also, besides plate solar collectors, which are domestic products, the photovoltaic systems for production of electricity for small consumers were presented as well.

The fact that the production of solar collectors in B&H started under this project and that 80 solar systems for installation in residential and commercial buildings throughout the country were financed through the credit line by Partner MCF speaks enough about importance of this project for B&H.

“We believe that in this way we got closer the intended use of solar systems to the potential users as well as the positive effects of using the solar energy. All visitors of the exhibition had the opportunity to get more information about the technical characteristics of solar collectors and their application on their personal objects. The goal of the project is to increase the use of solar panels and other alternative sources of energy in B&H. Partner Microcredit Foundation, with joint efforts with USAID, managed to make a pioneering step in launching the local production of solar collectors and raising awareness on the use of solar energy in B&H. Within the credit line which is planned for the purchase of solar collectors, Partner launched 80 loans in total amount of 550,000.00 BAM, which indicates that the activities regarding spreading of awareness about the benefits of solar energy led to higher demand of solar systems,” said Selma Jahić, director of the sector for credit placements of Partner MCF.

Participants of the project presented to the public were the following companies: Res Domino Ltd. Kalesija, Lafat Commerce Ltd. Kalesija, Kovan MI Ltd. Gračanica and Solar Tehnic Ltd. Srebrenik.

It is noteworthy that this is the second exhibition of this kind in B&H and the first project of launching domestic production of solar collectors in B&H.



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