Peace March “Sarajevo – Nezuk – Potocari 2018” starts soon

On the occasion of marking the anniversary of Srebrenica genocide, Association “Witnesses of their time” in cooperation with the Labor Unions and the Main Union Organization of the Directorate Sarajevo “JOB” BH Telecom for the seventh consecutive year organize Peace March “Sarajevo – Nezuk – Potocari 2018”.

Traditionally, Peace march starts on the 3rd of July at 8:00 am in front of the Monument to martyrs and killed fighters of the 101st and 102nd motorized brigade on Dolac Malta in Sarajevo.

Organized group of people from Sarajevo will join the participants of the Peace March in Nezuk, from where they will continue their journey to Potocari. The arrival in Potocari is scheduled on the 11th of July, on the day of the collective burial and funeral of victims of genocide.

From the Organizing Committee invite everyone “who feel physically ready to participate in this year’s Peace March, and thus preserve the memory on the innocent victims of Srebrenica and Podrinje”.


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