Peach: UK government will not allow the collapse of the BiH Armed Forces

Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sifet Podžić and Chief of the Joint Staff of the BiH Armed Forces, Colonel-General Senad Mašović talked today with the British Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for the Western Balkans Stuart Peach about the current political crisis in BiH and its impact on the defense system.

Peach was informed of the situation in the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces through his previous duties as chairman of the NATO Military Committee and meetings with the BiH Minister of Defense and the Chief of the Joint Staff.

Today, Podžić and Mašović expressed content with the appointment of General Peach to the position of Special Envoy of the United Kingdom for the Western Balkans and thanked them for the overall assistance this country has provided to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its Armed Forces.

Peach stressed that the UK Government strongly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH and the unified Armed Forces, which have proven themselves countless times so far in international missions and other activities in the country and the region.

“The UK government will continue to provide full support and assistance and will not allow the collapse of these institutions,” General Peach stressed.

He also pointed out that the establishment of a unified defense system creates better living conditions and retention of young people in BiH, said the Ministry of Defense of BiH.

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