Penalty for Irregular Parking: Claws on the Tires of Cars

151228083.3_mnImproperly parked cars, whether on official or unofficial parking places, are an everyday occurrence. However, shopping centers have the biggest problem, where a number of drivers, despite clearly marked parking places, improperly park their vehicles, thereby creating problems for other drivers.

Even though people are regularly complaining and sending complaints about improperly parked cars on numerous parking places, it seems like those ordinary penalties are not a sufficient warning for those careless drivers.

In Sarajevo, the first concrete move had been taken by the administration of the BBI center. They made a decision about setting up claws on the improperly parked cars in the garage of the shopping center in October 2014.

“We made this decision after consultation with the Police Administration Center and the corresponding ministry. This measure was necessary in order to enable the majority of visitors unhindered parking on clearly marked places”, noted the Directorate of the BBI center.

Putting the tire claws is not a punishment for improper parking; it is a fee for parking outside of the marked place. Tire claws are used in order to ensure payment, and the penalty for each day of parking is 32 BAM, as announced from the BBI center.

The number of charged compensations in the BBI center varies from day to day, but decreasing.

(Source: klix.ba)

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