Sarajevo got another “Torte i To”

torteito13The love of the pastry shop “Torte i to” and the city of Sarajevo is lasting for several years, and now, besides the well-known location in the BBI Center, it was opened on a new location in the heart of the city, in Bascarsija. “Torte i to” will now undoubtedly become an inevitable destination for tourists as well as for the citizens of Sarajevo who love to enjoy in the delicacies which make this pastry shop so popular.

The pastry shop “Torte i to” has managed to skillfully and perfectly tuck their story and the concept into the traditional part of Sarajevo, just as if they have always existed there.

This time, they found inspiration for the decor in an imperfect charm of industrial design. Gentle shades of gray are dominating the space. You can find it in almost every corner – on the walls, on the beautiful tiles in the main part of the building, on the magnificent hexagonal tiles in the sanitary area, on the furniture etc. Specially selected details, such as: wood, feathery chandelier, ragged carpet with sofas, lots of soft pillows in shades of gray and royal blue, decorative foliage plants in decorative pots etc. It all contributes to the warmth of this pastry shop.

More than enough natural light enters through the windows, which makes the new “Torte i to” particularly pleasant. Industrial elements are hidden in a metal display of cabinet for cakes, the steel construction fence along the stairs and in lamps. High portals have become a showcases with comfortable wooden benches which are ‘softened and tucked’ with pillows of various designs from the color palette of the pastry shop.


(Source: www.akta.ba)


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