Great B&H Skier Elvedina Muzaferija best at the Competition in Bulgaria

elvedina muzaferijaGreat B&H skier Elvedina Muzaferija (16) won the gold medal in a slalom at the competition in Bulgaria.

Thirty skiers from eight countries competed at the ski resort Bansko, but the skier from B&H was the best of them all.

“Since I am in the FIS category this season, and compete with a lot of older girls, this is a good result for me,” said Muzaferija.

A good result will be expected again on Tuesday when Muzaferija will drive another slalom.

Also, Muzaferija won a bronze and a silver medal in April, at the Whistler Cup in Montreal.

She is a multiple champion of B&H in skiing. She is a student of the Fifth Gymnasium in Sarajevo, and everyone say that she is the next big skiing hope.



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