Pensions in Republika Srpska will be increased from the New Year

The Minister of Finance of the Republika Srpska (RS), Zora Vidovic, announced that, according to the current economic parameters, pensions in the RS will be increased by at least three percent from the beginning of next year, and that in mid-2022 an extraordinary increase will most likely follow.

Vidovic specified that pensions will probably be increased above the mentioned percentage, with the aim of trying to level the consequences of inflation for pensioners, who are the most vulnerable part of the population.

She reminded that in accordance with the policies of the RS Government, there is usually a higher percentage increase, so at the beginning of last year, pensions were increased by three percent compared to the planned increase of 2.16 percent.

Also, Vidovic emphasized that pensions were additionally adjusted by two percent in August last year.


Source: BHRT

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