Photograph from Bijeljina among 100 most influential in History

bijThe U.S. magazine Time chose 100 most influential photographs of all times, showing events which marked the history in the past century and a half – from scientific achievements to the terrors of war, but also everyday things captured in an unusual way, such as a drop of milk or a newborn baby.

Among the most influential photographs are also those which depict wars – from the U.S. civil war, over a series of photographs from the Second World War and the Vietnam War, to the latest war conflicts after 2000. On the chosen list is a photograph taken in the spring of 1992 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On March 31, 1992 U.S. photojournalist Ron Haviv took a photo of a member of Arkan’s Tigers, Bojan Golubović, hitting killed civilians in Bijeljina. This photograph appeared on cover pages of world media and thus drew attention to the war in BiH. In the caption of the photograph which depicted the ranting on killed Bosniak civilians prior to the official beginning of the war, Time published a statement by the prosecutor of the International Court of Justice Dermote Groome who, among other things, said that Haviv “revealed all brutality of Arkan’s men to the world”.

Remembering the conflicts in Bijeljina, the famous photojournalist revealed that he promised to himself that he will do whatever it takes to document the crimes of Serbian paramilitary forces.

Haviv’s works have been used on trials in The Hague and because of the “famous” photograph from Bijeljina Arkan put him on the hit list.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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