Picasso in Sarajevo

PabloPicasso-Guernica-1937Gallery ‘Klovićevi dvori’ from Zagreb organised an exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s art from his Parisian museum, and it also organised a promotional tour across the region, and today the exhibition will be set in city gallery ‘Collegium Artisticum’ in Sarajevo, reports Fena.

Previously the exhibition visited Rijeka, Pula, Split, Maribor, Ljubljana and Belgrade, and visitors will have the opportunity to see 49 paintings, 7 sculptures and 51 photos presented chronologically from Picasso’s blue and pink period, proto-cubism and exploration of Africa, synthetic cubism, surrealism and his classical period.

The exhibition will be opened by manager of ‘Klovićevi dvori’ Marina Viculin who will also answer all questions related to exhibition.

(photo: spreadlove)

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