Play ‘In Zvornik, I have left my heart’ well received in Mostar

U-Zvorniku-ja-sam-ostavio-svoje-srce-Kamerni-teatar-551-550x377On the occasion of Mostar Sprin 2013, last night in the full hall of Herceg Stjepan Kosača, a play by Chamber Theatre 55 ‘In Zvornik I have left my heart’ was played.

The audience was thrilled with the play and gave the cast a big applaud.

‘In Zvornik, I have left my heart’ was written by Abdulah Sidran and directed by Sulejman Kupusović, and the cast of the play is Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Admir Glamočak, Sabina Bambur, Muhamed Hadžović, Amar Selimović, Dragan Jovičić i Sabit Sejdinović.

The story is set in Zvornik, before the outbreak of war. Rudo, a music teacher and a choir leader is an amateur conductor who dreams of becoming a prominent conductor and writing a symphony about River Drina inspired by Smetana’s Vltava. After one choir competition, Rudo sends his students to Sarajevo, and he returns to Zvornik.


(photo: kamerniteatar55)

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