Play ‘Puss in Boots’ in Mostar

macak_-_plakatOn Saturday, 7 December at 11:00 in the Hall of the Puppet Theatre in Mostar the play ‘Puss in Boots’ will take place.

This is a well-known story of a cat and how we can cunningly overcome problems that we face in life. In today’s world, where children are ‘served’ all solutions, this story helps in the development of their imagination and resourcefulness. The story is interwoven with love and friendship, which is what is lacking today.

The dramatization for the play was worked on by Leda Festini, visual equipment by Luči Vidanović, scenography and puppets Luči Vidanović, music by Igor Karlić, text of the songs by Marija Leko, and lector is Martina Arapović.

Actors in the play are Jadranka Popović-Miljko, Ivan Nevjestić, Bojan Beribaka and Marta Haubrich.

(Source: Fena)

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