Meeting of PIC Starts Today

valentin_inzkoPolitical directors from member countries of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) will meet today and tomorrow in Sarajevo in order to discuss the current situation in B&H.

The High Representative to B&H Valentin Inzko will present the developments in the framework of the peace implementation process and highlight key areas where progress needs to be achieved. He will draw special attention to concerns about the denial of the rule of law in B&H, including non-compliance with decisions of the Constitutional Court, lack of progress in resolving the issue of state and military property, as well as in conjunction with the necessary amendments to the B&H Election Law to allow for general elections in October 2014.

The President of the Central Election Commission B&H will speak with delegations on the issues related to elections that need to be urgently addressed.

During the two days of the session, the board of the Peace Implementation Council will speak on the lack of progress in solving priorities from the program 5+2 and other key issues in B&H, such as education and the need for B&H to adopt a long-term strategy in this area.

The Steering Committee will also speak about the continual challenges of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

(Source: Fena)

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