Plenkovic: I am going to BiH with a Message about the Integrity of BiH and the need for Dialogue

Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenkovic, mentioned yesterday that he was visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) with a message about the integrity of our country, the need for dialogue, and the reduction of tensions in his neighboring country.

“The message we are coming to BiH is the sign and signal of friendship, goodwill, good neighborliness, cooperation, the message of the integrity of BiH, but also the message that all three constituent peoples feel good and adequately represented,” Plenkovic stated, who will come to BiH tomorrow.

Further, the Prime Minister added that “as far as the advocacy and protection of Croats in BiH and their equality are concerned, I think that the President and I and practically all reasonable actors on the Croatian political scene fully agree. There has never been a dispute and I believe it is good that we all have acommon position.

I personally want to be in Mostar, Sarajevo and hear the messages, understand well what the intentions are and what the steps are after the adopted conclusions in the Assembly in Banja Luka, to see how we can give our contribution in such circumstances, “ the Croatian prime minister told reporters yesterday.

Croatia wants to position itself as a ‘reasonable and responsible actor who, through its foreign policy, protects its national interests, but also calms tensions and gives its contribution where it can and where, based on its experience, it could give’, ”the Prime Minister added.

“Every rise in tensions in our neighborhood is reflected in the surrounding countries. We are one of them,” Plenkovic stressed.

The official visit of the Croatian Prime Minister to BiH will begin with a formal welcome in front of the Council of Ministers of BiH.

Plenkovic will then hold a meeting with representatives of both houses of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly – Speaker of the House of Peoples Dragan Covic, deputies Nikola Spiric and Bakir Izetbegovic, and Speaker of the House of Representatives Denis Zvizdic, as well as deputies Nebojsa Radmanovic and Borjan Kristo.

”Visit to Sarajevo is ‘an expression of friendship, respect, and support for BiH as a sovereign state, its integrity, and support for the Dayton concept of BiH and Formula 1, 2, 3 (one state, two entities, three constituent peoples), support for the European path’, ” it was found out from the government sources.

The visit is not exclusively of a political nature

Croatia and BiH are working on connecting gas transport systems, and the southern route Zagvozd – Imotski – Posusje – Novi Travnik with the branch to Mostar is of ‘great interest and importance’, ” the Croatian government pointed out, as agency Hina reported.


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