PM Novalic met with the Head of the World Bank Office in BiH

Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH, Fadil Novalic, met yesterday with the Head of the World Bank Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina Emanuel Salinas in a farewell visit.

During the meeting, the FBiH Prime Minister briefed him to the main macroeconomic indicators in FBiH, which are better than in 2019. He also informed the guest about the established level of liquidity of the budget, which enabled the Federation of BiH to regularly settle all its obligations to all budget beneficiaries and citizens.

Despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic, pensions, benefits for the veteran population and civil disability benefits, as well as social benefits, are paid regularly, and in addition to all that, direct intervention funds have been invested in the economy.

“Our exports are also growing. According to the latest data, in the Federation of BiH, among other things, there was an increase in exports, which led to the imports-exports ratio to amount 66 percent,” said Novalic.

On this occasion, he emphasized the importance of projects supported by the World Bank in our country.

Emanuel Salinas said that his successor as head of the World Bank Office in BiH has extensive experience gained in office in transition countries, which will be further used in the design and implementation of specific projects in BiH.

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