PM Novalic: Pensions and Salaries will increase, and the Price of Electricity will not cause Problems

“The root of the problem dates back to 2006 when we accepted the European policy of the free energy market,” Prime Minister of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), Fadil Novalicpointed out.

The government will be of the opinion that there will be no drastic increase in the economy and that there will be no increase when it comes to the population. It means that the increase for the economy should not be in some percentages higher than 10-20-25%. That is my opinion, but we have to wait for the decision of the Government to say what the percentage is, but not 300-400%. “

We must not cause the destruction of Elektroprivreda BiH

When asked who will bear the losses of Elektroprivreda BiH in that case, Novalic answered: “We should not push Elektroprivreda BiH into minus with our decision because then we are also endangered. In a year there will be no electricity, so we will all have to buy it from HUDEX, which is four times more expensive, so we are pleased with this independence, we are pleased that we have our own resources of electricity because we can save ourselves from this global plague of increasing electricity, such a large increase. But we must not cause the loss of the Elektroprivreda BiH, because we have increased the price of coal by 20% in order to solve the issue of miners.

“In any case, we will try to minimize the damage. And if it is so certain, then we will shorten the term of this agreement.”

We can regularly harmonize and increase pensions in accordance with this law. These are two different articles. The article that talks about regular increases, it forces, conditions the Government to increase pensions, including GDP growth and price growth. Then, everything is divided by two and it will be about 5%, so we already know that GDP has grown by 5%, and prices have unfortunately grown by 5.2%. When you sum thatand divide it by two you get 5%. It is almost certain because the year has ended. But the second article, Article 80, states that the Government can increase pensions in an extraordinary way, if the circumstances require it. And the opportunities have never been better, that is, we have never been forced to do it like this before. We have rising prices, but on the other hand, we have economic growth. However, there is one obstacle in the current law, but when we passed the law in 2018, no one could have predicted that there would be an escalation like covid, which caused the economy to decline last year. And that article says that our economy must grow for at least two years in a row in order to harmonize extraordinarily. And now, in agreement with the pensioners, we have already given the Parliament an amendment to the Law in that article where we say we need not two but one, and that one is this year where we actually had growth. This allows us to double pensions, and if the law is changed in that direction, it will be twice, if it is not changed, the one change is guaranteed. “

Asked what else can we expect in 2022, Novalic told: “We would like to see a reduction in the pressure of the political crisis at the state level. The coronavirus is moving to next year. So the problems with the coronavirus are moving to next year and its impact on health. We expect the same or slightly higher economic growth, which, in this year, has been the largest since the war.


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