Contract Between “Boksit” and “Alumina” Worth 31 Million BAM

aluminaThe company “Boksit” from Milići signed a contract with the company “Alumina” from Zvornik on the delivery of bauxite ore for 2014 worth 31 million BAM.

This contract creates conditions for both companies to work successfully on the realization of their business plans for the next year.

The company “Boksit” had earlier business cooperation with the company “Birač” from Zvornik, but that cooperation was not as successful as the cooperation of the last few months with the company “Alumina”.

At the company Boksit activities on the opening of new ore deposits will intensify, which will be the basis for the future planned activities for the production and delivery of ore. That would enable successful work at “Alumina” company , which is present and recognized in the market, especially in EU countries.




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