A Successful Year for Eco-Company: They are working for Arabs, Germans and Austrians

eco companyThis is one more successful year for Eco-Company, marked with the new products and export jobs, as Suhad Eco, owner of this successful BH company said.

“We are engaged in jobs related to the export. We have a very good partners in Germany and Austria and we are present there for months“, said Eco, emphasizing that they have two big agreements signed with Arab investors who are investing in the real estate in B&H. “It is about companies Compact-Invest and Senabil for which we are equipping two buildings“.

Besides these jobs, Eco-Company also prepares designer lines for export, and works on the education of new people. And their demand for new workers is increasing by expanding of operations.

“We have a need for the employment of 50 new employees. As we are not able to find needed human resources at the market, we are organizing educations, trainings and selections through our Center Format, and we will have a solution in two months“, said Eco.


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