Munchen 1860 will not give up on Mensur Mujdza

Mensur MujdzaAlthough he started preparations with Freiburg, stay of Menusr Mujdza in this club is still uncertain.

At least those are claims of the German TZ which published that negotiations between Freiburg and Munchen 1860 are still in progress.

“Mensur Mujdza wants to help us, we would agree with him easy, but the only problem is that he has a valid contract with Freiburg“, said the director of Munchen 1860, Gerhard Poschner.

Besides Munchen 1860, the new club in Bundesliga, Darmstadt, is also interested in services of Menusr Mujdza, but at the end, Mensur decided to thank to leaders of this club.

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