PM Vučić: Srebrenica will applaud to me

Vucic about coming to Srebrenica novosti.rsPrior to departing for Sarajevo, the Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić said that the regional stability is very important and that Serbia will do everything to maintain it.
Vučić does not fear about safety after the attack in Srebrenica, that was not even discussed, and he will visit that place in several days. “Serbia will allocate significant amount of money for that small municipality. We will be coming back and we will be helping. Not at the cemetery, but at some other place, those people who threw things at me and tries to knock me down with fists will welcome me with applauses”, Vučić said.
The Serbian Prime Minister said that things will be that way since “the truth and work always win, not the media manipulations”, and that he does not deal with safety but with achieving results for Serbia. Vučić stated that infrastructure projects and cooperation in all fields are very important and that those should not be kept at the level of political discussions which should “satisfy someone in Europe”.
“A real result is needed, to work on tourist connection as well, to invite people to the destinations through videos… When people get in touch, then the relations between the countries improve”, Vučić said. Regarding the relations between Serbs and Bosniaks, Vučić said that people are almost completely the same, that only religion and faith are different.
“We also want good relations with the Albanians, but that is a different society despite the fact that we live next to each other. We are almost the same as Bosniaks, religion and faith are different. That is why we will fight for the closest relations, B&H is one of the most important export destinations and that is significant for us”, said Vučić.
(Source: vijesti.ba)

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