Police forcefully dragged Protesters from Mostar’s Landfill


Special police forces have removed locals from the road in front of Mostar’s Landfill, who have been blocking garbage collection for several days because the permission for landfill has expired.

Officers forcefully dragged protesters outside the gate on early Monday morning, according to Bljesak.info.

Some of the locals also sought medical attention, so an ambulance intervened.

The garbage trucks arrived in front of the landfill, and police made a cordon between the trucks and the protesters, who warned that the landfill did not have “any paper”.

“The police were brutal. We have dozens of broken hands to children, ribs, broken hands to women …”, Omer Hujdur, a representative of the locals assembled in the “For My Own” initiative, told Radiosarajevo news portal.

“We have a catastrophic picture. They did not secure the emergency at all, it came out only at our invitation.  These are catastrophic moves by the police and the authorities,” Hujdur said, explaining that they were waiting for injury records from the residents in order to launch a lawsuit.

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