Police Officers arrested Sixteen Persons for Prostitution and Organized Crime




Police officers of the Police Administration of Bijeljina, in cooperation with the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska (MUPRS) for organized and serious crime, arrested 16 members of an organized international criminal group on Wednesday.

These are 14 citizens of BiH, initials A.G., P.S, Ž.S., R.S., R.D., S.S., S.P., D.P., Z.Ć., V.K., S.M., M.T., E.H., Ž.V., and Slovenian citizens A.B. and a citizen of Serbia, TM, was confirmed to Fena news agency by the Bijeljina Police Department.

They were deprived of liberty after a search of a weekend house in Suvo Polje near Bijeljina, where 35 persons (26 men and nine women) were found.

The search was carried out with the aim of preventing criminal acts in the field of drug abuse, weapons and prostitution, the Bijeljina Police Department told Fena.

During the search, 14 packages of cocaine were found, with a total weight of 46 grams, nine pieces of medical drugs, nine pistols, a gas pistol, three body armor, and more than 20,000 BAM in various currencies.

Unofficially, among those arrested is Serbian starlet Tijana Maksimovic aka Tijana Ajfon.



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