Port Brcko achieved Planned Goals in 2015!

portBrcko Port as the only international port of B&H is located at the crossroads of major regional centers – Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo.

Director of the Port Pero Gudeljevic says that last year’s revenues were slightly higher than planned and they amounted to 1.81 million BAM. Operating expenses were slightly lower and they amounted to about 1.76 million BAM, which means that they achieved a net profit of almost 60 000 BAM.

Port is realizing all earnings from its basic activity which is the transshipment of goods. Last year, 64 workers of this company overloaded 77,000 tons of goods with two cranes.

When it comes to the structure of goods, we have worked the most with coal that is imported in B&H and iron that is exported from B&H. All of our employees received their earned salaries on time,” said Gudeljevic.

He emphasized that in there was no special oscillation when it comes to the extent or type of goods that are transshipped in the last 5 years, and added that there is increase in the number of users of the service.

The biggest users are Sisecam Soda Lukavac, ArcelorMittal Zenica, and Unis Derventa,” said the director of the Port.


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