Positive News: Domestic Company ‘Klas’ launched Production in Srebrenica

After the ceremonial ribbon cutting, domestic food industry Klas d.d. Sarajevo, launched the production of rahat lokums (traditional Bosnian cake, usually sreved with coffee) in Srebrenica. The long-awaited business move was finally realized, and 10 residents of Srebrenica got work.

 “The Strategic Plan of AS Holding is that Klas, as well as other members within our organization, will enhance business, recognize opportunities and broaden the range. In this regard, the opening of the production plant for rahat lokums is a great opportunity both for new jobs and for the category production,” Rusmir Hrvic, CEO of AS Holding stated.

“Considering that these are specific products that derive from the tradition of local gastronomic culture, I do not doubt that this project will be one of Klas’ successful ones,” Hrvic added.

The value of the project amounts to 176,000 BAM, and the product range extends to about 300 square meters. Klas emphasizes that this is one of the most important business moves as it is about top quality products that promote the tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a unique way. The Klas Board is particularly proud of the fact that this project will provide jobs for young people, more precisely the category that is most concerned about leaving BiH.

“By opening this facility, Klas offers young people the opportunity to continue working in their country, enabling them to have a better existence and good working conditions. We are proud of the fact that we have 10 new workers who will, with their knowledge, will and effort, contribute to Klas and work on the development of our brands, primarily rahat lokum. This project will contribute to reducing unemployment in the Srebrenica Municipality area,” Boris Brkovic, CEO of Klas, said.


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