Positive: Number of unemployed Persons decreased

In July 2018 the number of registered unemployed in BiH amounted to 450.392.

If we take 2016 as a base year (2016 = 100) and compare July 2018 with the same month of 2017, we will notice that the number of unemployed decreased by 6,9 index points, or in absolute terms, the number of people registered as unemployed decreased by 35.917.

If we compare registered unemployed by qualification structure, we will notice that the largest number of unemployed are highly skilled and skilled by 146.434, followed by unskilled by 126.436 and those with a high school diploma by 122.841.

The lowest number of unemployed are those with higher education by 6.721, followed by those with university education by 39.318 (including PhDs and Masters).

The share of female population in registered unemployed amounted to 55,5% or in absolute terms 250.178 females.

In the female population, the largest number of unemployed are those with secondary education by 79.058, then those unskilled by 69.778 and those with highly skilled and skilled qualification by 65.390 females.

(Source: BiH agency for statistics)

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