Positive pre-festival Atmosphere before the SFF

This year’s Sarajevo Film Festival will for the 23rd time amaze film fans with a series of major accomplishments in the film industry and other activities.

235 films from 54 countries will be showcased in 18 programs and over eight days. 43 films will have their world premier and 23 their international at SFF.

While we’re waiting for the Festival and its official beginning, we can already feel the festival atmosphere in the streets. Hardworking volunteers are handing out promotional material, the streets are being cleaned up, the Raiffeisen Summer Theatre is getting a new look and a screen on which we will be watching many films this summer is up and ready.

The festival square “Susan Sontag” is renovated and will proudly “wear” the red carpet and other festival activities.

In short, wherever we turn we can feel a positive festival atmosphere.

Sarajevo Film Festival 2017 will be opened on August 11th with the film “The Other Side of Hope” by Aki Kaurismaki, which will be projected in the National Theatre in Sarajevo and the Raiffeisen Summer Theatre.

Online sale of tickets began yesterday on the official website, while the regular ticket sale will begin on August 4th in the Main Box Office, which this year is in BKC Sarajevo.


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