Al Jazeera Balkans presented the Project “Sarajevo under the Siege” (video)

sarajevoOn the occasion of marking the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, Al Jazeera Balkans is presenting the project “Sarajevo under the siege.”

Interactive web platform is available in Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian language, as well as in English, Turkish and Arabic, and it brings selected documentary films, photo galleries, interactive displays, maps, video materials, award-winning stories and key information about the course of events of the longest military siege of one capital city in the modern history.

Among other things, it offers a virtual tour of the Tunnel of Hope and the History Museum in Sarajevo, with a panoramic (360 °) footage of locations, as well as the possibility of easy share of content on social networks.

Info graphics of the most important dates of the siege, the biggest massacre sites and maps with detailed information on military positions from which Sarajevo was shelled and from which citizens were shot by snipers were presented within the framework of the project “Sarajevo under the siege”, as well as the story of the Olympic and the Museum of the children of Sarajevo.

There are also stories about the culture and cultural events in the city under siege, as well as the never published story about Sarajevo’s writer Abdulah Sidran.

With the great help of media partners and individual donors, we are bringing plentiful archive photos and footage that will, hopefully, contribute that we remember the siege of Sarajevo with piety,” as stated from Al Jazeera Balkans.


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