Positive Story: Driver of GRAS returned the Wallet he found in the Minibus

Almin Beciragic, the driver of the minibus in PUC GRAS, who drove on the line 75 Ilidza โ€“ Mokrine on December 13, found a wallet with a certain amount of money and personal documents.

According to the statement from the GRAS, the wallet was safely returned to its owner S.B., who contacted the Service for Public Relations of GRAS and thanked them on a fair, correct and honest act of their driver.

The woman who lost her wallet wanted to thank him through the means of public information as well, and she stated that the gesture of the driver is very important for her, especially because of the personal documents.

“She stated that she already heard that employees of GRAS showed their honesty in similar situations numerous times, and now she got the opportunity to see it for herself. She thanked driver Beciragic once again, as well as all employees and the company GRAS,” as stated by GRAS.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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