Positive Story: They hired their Fellow Citizens and secured Placement of Products

The cooperative “Agrojapra” from Donji Agici gathers a total of 250 cooperants, and the largest number of them are returnees. They secured the purchase of their agricultural products and started their own production.

Agricultural cooperative “Agrojapra ” from Donji Agici near Novi Grad represents a positive example of work of an cooperative and its cooperants. A group of enthusiasts established this cooperative back in 2000, and it became a leader of development in the field of its activity.

The cooperative employs the local population, and it has more than 250 cooperants. Majority of them are returnees.

In a multinational environment, where almost the entire population is made of returnees, the cooperative gathered fellow residents who were planning to develop their agricultural households. They managed to organize the production of milk and facilitated the purchase of milk from this region.

They also started the production of oil. They opened a small facility for oil processing, and they produce oils from raw material that are obtained from their cooperants.

In cooperation with locals population, this cooperative largely supports the development of rural tourism. They constructed a mill and a cooperative restaurant and they are constantly working on their offer and improvement of the existing infrastructure.

Besides the development of production, the cooperative also acquired the equipment required for processing. They have many products in their offer, including: apple chips, dried plums, several types of oils, bakery products, pumpkin seed, etc.

Their oils won numerous awards for their quality.

They sell their products in Novi Grad, Banja Luka, Prijedor, Doboj, Modrica, Bijeljina etc.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)

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