Positive Story: They are raising nine Children and they are not Biological Parents to all of them

Milenko Vuksic from Bratunac, besides his four children, is raising his sister’s two children and his brother’s three children.

Although he is not employed and usually does only seasonal jobs, he said that his only concern is to raise all nine of them.

Milenko and Nevena Vuksic from Bratunac are raising nine children, and the youngest one of them is little Marko, who is only five months old. They say, although they are not biological parents to all of them, they feel about all of them in the same way – like their own children.

“I have never made a difference between the children of my late sister nor my brother’s children, and I consider them all as my children. I simply cannot make that difference. My wife and I have never sat to eat until all of them already ate,” said Milenko.

Nine children and three adults. It is simple to count, they need 36 meals per day, to pay their bills, provide clothes, shoes, and everything else needed for everyday life.

”Whatever is there, I am doing everything. Literally everything. It is a lot from me when I do not work for three or four days,” said Milenko.

And Milenko finds strength for everything precisely in his family. Every child in the family gives a contribution, they all have their obligations and work as a team. Milenko is happy, he says, because he has a great family and well-raised children.

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