Possible Loss of 50,000 Jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Case of Lockdown


While citizens and businessmen fear a possible new lockdown in Bosnia and Herzegovina, economists warn of drastic consequences in the event of company closures again. Analysts from BiH, together with the German Friedrich Naumann Stifung Foundation, did an analysis of the situation. They point to a possible loss of about 50,000 jobs and a drastic downturn in the economy in the event of a new lockdown.

Ljubica Jurisic, like many craftsmen, is still trying to mitigate the consequences of closing the hair salon in March. A new closure, she says, could lead to even bigger consequences.

Fahrudin Sahovic, the President of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Tuzla Canton stated: “We have an extremely negative business balance in all companies, so it would be catastrophic. On the other hand, governments at all levels need to be aware of this situation that is happening and should not allow themselves the luxuries of March and April.”

The results of the analysis of economic analysts indicate that the economy has no more room for lockdown. Otherwise, the economy would fall sharply, by nine percent or even more, which would mean the loss of about 50,000 jobs, BHRT writes.

Admir Cavalic, economic analyst stated that the collapse of a thousand companies and that we no longer have the fiscal funds, budget space to support the survival of those companies, zombie companies as they are now called. So, any closure would lead to a further slowdown in economic growth, more people in poverty.

And the most important thing, adds Cavalic, to a large number of unemployed people, which can cause social unrest in the future.

Even the help under the corona law to the businessmen who suffered damages during the imprisonment for two months has not been paid to everyone yet. The Trade Union of Tuzla Canton calls on the authorities to react in time and adequately. .

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