Posters with the Call for the Defense of BiH posted in Sarajevo

In the center of Sarajevo, posters were posted with the inscription “You are needed for the defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)”. There is no trace of the person who putthem or any other information on the poster in Strossmayerova Street.

It is a well-known poster of the Territorial Defense of BiH, the first formal armed force of the Republic of BiH (RBiH) at the beginning of the war, which was then transformed into the Army of RBiH.

However, reporters were unable to contact the responsible people from the Association for the Protection of the Name and Preservation of the Territorial Defense Tradition to check whether the posting of the posters had anything to do with this organization or whether anyone was using their poster. This poster can also be found in the digital collection of the National and University Library of BiH.

This happens at a time when politicians from the BiH entity, the Republika Srpska (RS), led by Milorad Dodik, are increasingly calling for separatism and announcing the withdrawal of decisions on the establishment of state institutions, such as the Armed Forces of BiH and the formation of structures at the entity level.


Source and photo: klix.ba

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