Potential of RS for Development of Green Economies

The RS has huge potential for the development of green economies, and its leadership has the will, strength and energy to work on fulfilling the goals of the Belgrade Declaration, announced the RS Minister for Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology Srebrenka Golić.

“Green economy creates huge chances for sustainable development, which implies an increase in income, reduction of poverty and improving quality of life. Green economy, especially the use of renewable energy resources, is crucial for raising living standards’’, announced Golić for SRNA agency.

She said that the Belgrade Declaration on green economy, which was adopted on 1 March, has to contribute to the issues in this area and make it a priority in the daily work of national and regional bodies, as well as promote investment. This would bring about positive changes in the social-economic development of the region.

“The adoption of this declaration urges governments in the region to develop national guidelines for a green economy, policies to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in accordance with the conclusions of the UN conference “Rio 20 Plus” and to promote appropriate measures in this regards’’, said Golić.

The Declaration on green economy and sustainable growth in the region of South East Europe was adopted by ministers and other officials responsible for sustainable development and environmental protection in Serbia, BiH, Macedonia and Montenegro on 1 March in Belgrade at a meeting on the occasion of the fourth annual regional conference “Green Economy-Environmental Protection”.

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