Preparations for FIS Cup ‘’Jahorina 2013”

Yesterday an inaugural session was held of the International Organizing Committee of the competition in the FIS Alpine disciplines FIS Cup ‘’Jahorina 2013’’, which is chaired by the RS Prime Minister Aleksandar Džombić.

The President of the RS Association of Forestry Slavko Vasić said that the organizational committee would constitute the session and will form the leadership contest, and adopt a program of competition and its financial plan. It was held at the apartment-hotel “Vučko” and began at 18:00.

‘’The International Competition in Alpine Skiing FIS Cup ‘Jahorina 2013’ will be held from 5-7 March in the areas of giant slalom and slalom, at the Olympic trails at Prača-Pista and the Olympic Slalom ‘Kalajdin Kamen’ on Jahorina’’, said Vasić for SRNA.

He said that in preparation for this competition, apart from Prime Minister Džombić, the families of the Ministries, youth and sports of hope Tešanović and trade and tourism of the RS Bakir Ajanović will participate. The joint goal is to work together with other members of the organization to provide maximum conditions for reception and performance of high quality ski-athletes from around 20 countries.

‘’It is very important for us and for this year’s FIS competition be organized to comply with high standards, because we wish to be serious about getting the story of the European Cup at Jahorina, and so we can better prepare for the European Youth Winter Olympics in 2017’’, said Vasić.

He added that the technical organizer of the competition is SPD “Jahorina”, together with the Olympic Center Jahorina.

According to him, FIS Cup ‘’Jahorina 2013’’ is a new chance for local skiiers, led by Žana Novaković, to show what they know and how much they have advanced in alpine skiing.

The opening ceremony is planned for 5 March in Hotel “Vučko” at 18:30. The next day at 10:00 the first giant slalom race will begin, and on Thursday, 7 March at 9:30 the first slalom race will begin.

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