Presidency Members Dzaferovic and Komsic refused Meeting with Hahn?

Members of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Presidency Zeljko Komsic and Sefik Dzaferovic informed European Union Commissioner Johannes Hahn that one meeting would change nothing, and that they hoped that Hahn would use his influence to persuade Milorad Dodik to agree to a compromise solution regarding the sending of the ANP, which is needs for BiH’s Membership in NATO.

Komsic and Dzaferovic have refused to meet with EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn, the Zournal has learned.

Hahn invited members of the BiH Presidency to discuss the implementation of the BiH Government Formation Agreement.

However, Komsic and Dzaferovic informed Hahn that the meeting would not change anything.

Earlier, EU leaders in BiH argued that the ANP should not be a precondition for the formation of the BiH Council of Ministers, which the Russian Federation agreed.

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