President of Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina assesses Work of the Court during last Year


During the last year, the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina, as the only regular state-level court with jurisdiction to prosecute serious crimes, has fulfilled its obligations in accordance with strategic documents and regulations that standardize the fulfillment of certain quotas.

As President of the Court of BiH Ranko Debevec told Federal News Agency, detailed data on the results achieved in 2019 will be available to public upon the adoption of the Court’s annual report by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH.

“Unfortunately, on this occasion, I cannot provide complete information on number of completed cases. However, I will address some of the details that are not that present in the media, which are very important for functioning of the Court itself. Not only cases are the only indicator of the Court’s work,” Debevec said, referring to the achievements of the Court of BiH in 2019.

He stressed that the BiH Court is the first court in the country to have IT application for the record of monetary claims by judgments.

At the same time, he estimated that a very important segment of the work is infrastructure, reminding that a new courtroom was put into operation, which increased the capacities and enabled scheduling of more hearings.

Also, in 2019, the Court of BiH has completed the installation of a videoconference to present testimony, Fena news agency reports.


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