President of the Crisis Staff of the Sarajevo Canton on the Vacation amid Coronavirus Pandemic

“Our Party” is demanding the removal of Aida Pilav, the president of the Crisis Staff of the Sarajevo Canton, who took a vacation in the midst of the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The club of Our Party in the Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton reacted to this information, Klix.ba news portal reports.

“At a time when Sarajevo Canton has more people infected than Slovenia, the president of the Crisis Staff is taking a vacation and going abroad instead of doing her job, which is in charge of managing the crisis situation of the canton with the largest number of infected people decides to go on vacation, “the statement said.

Due to all the above, they demand the removal of Aida Pilav from the position of President of the Crisis Staff and the appointment of a person who will responsibly manage the crisis and contribute to adequate control and stabilization of the situation in our canton.

“We will ask the Sarajevo Canton Assembly to comment on this at the next session, on August 20,” Our Party concluded.

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