Prevent Group produced Millions of Car Upholsteries this Year

Prevent Group has produced millions of car upholsteries this year, and a millionth set is produced for Ford Focus at Prevent Visoko.

“We are satisfied to say that the millionth set this year was produced in Visoko, the first member of the Prevent Group, which was established almost 20 years ago. Currently, a total of 950 employees are employed, of which 360 are directly engaged in the Ford Focus. The total daily capacity is 1700 sets of car upholsteries, of which 1200 are intended for the Ford Focus, “ Azra Cabaravdic, director of Prevent Visoko said.

Currently, Prevent operates at 16 locations and since its founding, Prevent produced some 20 million sets of car upholsteries.

“Over the past period, we have invested in two new modern factories for the production of footwear and plastic processing. We have a continuous business growth and we have significantly diversified our portfolio, “said Chairman of Prevent CEE Haris Rahman.

Prevent Group introduced its manufacturing operations in 1999 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Group commenced in Visoko with a production of car upholsteries. Prevent Group is now the largest private sector company in Bosnia and a leading automotive supplier in Europe. The Group’s manufacturing system follows the just-in-time model, which requires continuous and strictly synchronized delivery of parts to minimize inventory and optimize speed and quality of production.

This applies to Prevent’s own products and to the delivery of parts to the Group’s customers. With a proven and successful commitment to the economic and social development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and an enviable record of success in production, Prevent is a model of best practice and a magnet for foreign investment.

What is known as Prevent Group in BiH today, begun its manufacturing operations in 1999 employing 50 workers. Since then, the Group has grown rapidly and diversified its product portfolio. Prevent Group employes 6500 employees at 15 production sites in BiH.

(Source: biznisinfo)


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