The Price of Calls and Text Messages from Roaming to be Lower?

telecommunicationThe Communications Regulatory Agency (CRA) BiH has sent to telecom operators in the country the information on the reached agreement and implementation plan of the agreement on the reduction of roaming prices in the region, based on which they are obliged to prepare for the start of its implementation.

CRA has reminded that at the meeting of the communications agencies of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, which was held on December 10 in Belgrade, they agreed that implementation of the agreement begins on June 30, 2015.

Even then, the price of calls and text messages to their home country for those citizens who are on vacation, a business trip or visiting one of the signatory countries, should be much lower.

Overall, after this price-cut, under the reached agreement, the plan is to do the same two more times until 2017, after which the roaming prices will be the same as those between the countries in the EU.

Although before the signing of the agreement they expected a refusal from the operators due to the fact that they would make less profit, at least when it comes to BiH this is not the case.

“The initiative to abolish roaming in the region is useful and follows the EU directive to be abolished gradually in all the countries, and each operator would charge only the real costs,” says BH Telecom.

The company M:tel says that even before the agreement they tried to make calls and sending messages within their network cheaper in the countries of the region.

“Given that we operate regionally, our users are already taking advantage of the best communication in the networks Mt:s in Serbia and M:tel in Montenegro, and we are continuously creating promotional offers for destinations where our users travel the most,” said the people from the company and added that they provide their services using a regulatory framework.


(Source: ekapija)

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