Price of PCR Tests in Bosnia and Herzegovina the highest in the Region

Croatian Minister of Health Vili Beros revealed on Friday that the new prices of PCR tests will be around 501 kuna or 130 BAM for two target sequences, and for three 698 kuna (181 BAM).

In order to diagnose that someone is positive, it is necessary to find two sequences, and some tests also have three antigens or sequences, and in that case, one can be sure that it is a coronavirus, news portal reports.

On the other hand, the price of the PCR test in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity is 215 BAM, while in Republika Srpska entity, it is 200 BAM and for now there is no reduction in prices.

According to the latest decision of Croatia, citizens of BiH who have a BiH passport can enter that country as tourists only if they have a PCR test not older than 48 hours.

The same condition for BiH citizens was prescribed, for example, by Germany, and the same was done by Northern Macedonia.

PCR testing at the personal request of citizens who need the result of a PCR test to leave Serbia, costs from 51 to 69 euros.

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