Prince Harry requested from World Leaders to fulfill the Promise given to Princess Diana after her Visit to BiH

Prince Harry wPrince Harry was speaking on the occasion of the global campaign “The world without landmines by 2025,” on the heritage of his mother Princess Diana and her concern about this problem. He asked all participants of this campaign to support and fulfill the promise that they had given her, which is the world without landmines.

Prince Harry told the story about the visit of Princess Diana and Ken Rutherford to BiH back in 1990. During her visit, the Princess met with boys who lost both of their legs after they tripped on a landmine. This, said Prince Harry, left a deep impact on her.

When she returned to the United Kingdom from BiH, Princess Diana said that the world must do something and stop the production and sale of landmines all around the world. She noted that we must do something to save the lives of these children.

Boys who inspired Princess Diana, Malik and Zarko, attended this event as well.

“They are now grown men. Twelve years later, both of them are struggling with the physical and emotional wounds and high costs of their prostheses,” stated Prince Harry.

He also noted that only 100 million EUR  which is equivalent to a paycheck of professional athletes, is needed to clean countries that have the greatest problem with landmines. These countries are Afghanistan, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

“I believe that we can clean the world of landmines by 2025. We have the knowledge, skills, and resources to achieve this. Let’s make future generations special and finish what we have started,” concluded Prince Harry.

(Source: klix.ba)

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