Principal Deputy High Representative Michael Scanlan visited Siroki Brijeg

Principal Deputy High Representative and Brcko Supervisor Michael Scanlan on 30 July paid his first official visit to Siroki Brijeg and met with the West Herzegovina Canton Prime Minister and Assembly Speaker, Zdenko Cosic and Ivan Jelcic.

“West Herzegovina Canton government is the only cantonal government formed in this part of BiH and is an example to be followed by neighbouring Canton 10 and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton. The quick formation of governments allows them to address the needs of the citizens, the reason for which they were elected. This applies not only to governments at the Canton level,” said PDHR Scanlan.

In the meetings with the cantonal authorities, PDHR Scanlan inquired about the social and economic situation in the Canton with particular accent on the job creation opportunities generated through the private sector.

“Herzegovina has always been a vibrant environment for private business. The private sector is the key driver of economic development and job creation, and West-Herzegovina Canton has been a good example of this in BiH, which hopefully will be emulated,” Principal Deputy High Representative Scanlan stated.

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