Production of Coats for the French Market started in Trebinje

Test production of coats for women has started in a newly-opened company “Trebinjka”, which employs 78 workers that will sew for the market of Paris.

The production in the business center “Tini” was started by former handball player Nebojsa Prekovic from Arandjelovac, and he announced that they are planning to hire more workers in the future period.

“We have 78 workers at the moment, and we are planning to hire 100 of them, and they will work on four production lines,” noted Prekovic and added that the public call is still opened at the Employment Service.

Coats for women will be produced in this newly opened company.

“We are planning to make 20,000 coats, which we will place on the market of Paris by September. Therefore, coats for a very delicate market will be produced in the production plants of “Trebinjka”, said Prekovic.





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