Production of truffles – the job of the future in BiH

tartufoProduction of truffles could become a very profitable business in BiH in times to come, because the company ‘Green Laboratories’ from London is interested in giving free chestnut seedlings contained truffle seeds on its roots.

Manager of ‘Green Laboratories’ in Banja Luka Senka Gatarić noted that this company is interested in production of truffles in BiH because the climate is good for their production. She added that producers would sign a 20 year agreement with the company, with the price of truffle per kilo is around 1000 to 5000 EUR, and chestnut 5 EUR per kilo.

She noted that truffle-chestnut plantations can give products for at least 50 years, which is a job for at least two generations.

Gatarić noted that the seedlings should be plant in autumn, and the overall income is divided 70% to producer and 30% to company which is a great opportunity for BiH farmers.

She added that truffles will be planted in plantations of 1 to 3 dunams ( 1000 m2) and added that every sapling can give up to 150 grams of truffles and 3 kilos of chestnuts which is around 16 500 EUR of income, which is to increase every year.


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