Program of the Event “Days of Novi Grad 2018” officially presented

The Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo will organize the 22nd traditional event ” Days of Novi Grad 2018″ which will take place in the period from May 30 to June 30, this year. Visitors will be able to enjoy a rich program that will include concerts, cultural-artistic contents, sporting events and marking of important historical dates.

The cultural program of this event is enriched with completely new contents intended for all people, regardless of their age, as announced at the press conference.

Assistant of the Head of Education, Culture and Sports Taib Delalic announced that the Day of the Municipal Defense will be marked on June 8, as well as the Marking of the Battle on Zuc, on Golo Hill, where they planned an iftar dinner for 3,000 visitors and the official opening of the House of Liberation Soldiers on Zuc.

“On that day, the Army of the Republic of BiH showed its power to defend Sarajevo and BiH,” stated Delalic, and added that numerous other important war events will be marked as well, including the Day of Martyrs.

Assistant Mayor Naliha Sabanovic announced sports events, and she noted that they will organize 24 sporting events with about 4,000 athletes competing in 50 different disciplines.

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy concerts of pop, classical and spiritual music, modern dance, exhibitions, folklore festivals, shows and numerous sporting activities.

(Source: akta.ba)

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