Automotive Companies from Japan interested in BiH

Japanese automotive companies based on environmentally friendly car-technologies are interested in BiH and the Western Balkans region in general, as stated by the Ambassador of Japan to BiH, Hideyuki Sakamoto, during his meeting with Minister of Environment and Tourism of the FBiH, Edito Djapo.

“It is a fact that BiH is far from Japan, but it is in Europe, and thus it is interesting for companies from Japan,” said Sakamoto, and added that Japan has a traditionally developed production, which is the leading economy branch.

Minister Djapo expressed her hope for the cooperation to be established because BiH has a well-educated, quality and cheaper labour force in comparison to countries in Western Europe.

“We have great natural potentials for the development of tourism as well,” noted Minister Djapo.

Environmental policy and issues regarding environmental pollution were especially emphasized during their conversation.

Ambassador Sakamoto noted that the Japan International Cooperation Agency is interested in co-operation and affordable financing of projects from the field of environmental protections, as stated from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of the FBiH.


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