Program to Monitor Residue Approved

bih_euThe EU approved a residue-monitoring program for poultry, milk, eggs and honey from BiH, which represents a big step in the export of these products to the EU market, as long as other requirements are met.

The approval was published in the EU Official Journal on 28 March, and was adopted in the framework of the decision of the European Commission.

The Director of the Office for Veterinary of BiH Ljubomir Kalaba said that this contributed to the success of activities of the office of the entity veterinary services, and organizations such as USAID/Sida Farma, Czech Development Agency, Sida project on strengthening quality of infrastructure, Slovenian Embassy to BiH and UNDP.

He pointed out that the scope of their activities raises the standard of food security among producers and processors and that it ensures effective implementation of of the residue-monitoring program.

Kalaba said that joint efforts in realizing a number of activities aimed at improving hygiene standards, strengthening of institutions through education laboratories, inspectors and other relevant institutions.

The BiH Veterinary Office said that it is very important that the residue-monitoring program continues this in a consistent way.

Therefore, the BiH Veterinary Office, BiH Slovenian Embassy, USAID/Sida Farma and the Czech Development Agency continue to develop the capacity of veterinary laboratories in order to ensure that the analysis of residue could be carried out in BiH.

The Office added that efforts would increase to train veterinary inspectors so that official controls could be carried out in accordance with EU standards.

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