Project by Nihad Imamović: ‘Sok’ Is Taking Over the B&H Market

sokBusinessman Nihad Imamović replaced his powerful position as General Director of Asa Prevent Group for a peaceful retirement life. However, he still retained his entrepreneurial spirit and began the production of natural juices called ‘Sok’ with his former colleague from Asa Prevent Group Emir Ahmetagić.

When he, his former colleague and friend realized that there is a large apple crop failure, especially in the Podrinje region, they decided to start the production of quality, natural juices.

In combination with packaging machines from the local company Uzun, they received a production line with a capacity of 500 liters of juice per hour. The line is located in Rajloac, and will probably have another one in Vogošća next year. The value of the investment is around 200.000 euros. The production line is certified according to all applicable standards. The next goal is the certification of plantations with the help of USAID, which would allow the company to receive the label ‘eco’. This would be a confirmation that the products are 100% organic.


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